To supplement our online tools and resources for participants to enhance work on school improvement planning, NTC also built a series of eight 90-minute supplemental training sessions. These are built to introduce school level educators to survey results and help make connections between those results and conditions in schools. With only 90 minutes to provide instruction virtually, these sessions are not intended to solve systemic challenges at the school level, but are a great start to informing your school improvement efforts.

Online 90-minute training: Principals: Applying Differentiated Leadership Support to your Own School Context

Participants in this class will:

  1. Examine and reflect on your own leadership style preference
  2. Reflect on your leadership approach to a situation at your school
  3. Deepen understanding of how to adapt leadership style to meet learner need
  4. Apply new learning in your school context
  5. Generate an action plan to implement a desired school initiative

Interested in participating? For more information, including a sign up, click here.

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