To supplement our online tools and resources for participants to enhance work on school improvement planning, NTC also built a series of eight 90-minute supplemental training sessions. These are built to introduce school level educators to survey results and help make connections between those results and conditions in schools. With only 90 minutes to provide instruction virtually, these sessions are not intended to solve systemic challenges at the school level, but are a great start to informing your school improvement efforts.

Online 90-minute training: Finding Time for Teachers to Plan and Collaborate

Participants in this class will:

  1. Reflect on TELL results to consider the amount and use of collaborative time
  2. Examine specific strategies for scheduling to maximize teacher time for planning and collaboration
  3. Consider protocols for using collaborative time to focus on instructional practices and student learning
  4. Explore processes toward engaging staff in scheduling and meetings in order to move forward on potential plans

Interested in participating? For more information, including a sign up, click here.

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