The Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) HCPS survey was an anonymous district-wide survey of licensed school-based educators administered January 28-March 8, 2013.   The intent of this work is to provide schools and our district with data that can be used to enhance school improvement efforts. The survey is called TELL HCPS not just because we want to hear from you, but because the survey is about Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning. Read what HCPS leaders are saying about TELL.

HCPS leaders wanted to hear from instructional and professional employees about the tools you need to do your job well. This year, the TELL HCPS Survey replaced the SCIP survey and asked for input about:

• teaching conditions related to student success

• school and teacher leadership

• employee retention

• managing student conduct

• community engagement and support

• professional development

• facilities and resources

• instructional practices and supports

• support for new teachers and principals

Research reveals that there is a positive association between teaching conditions and student learning. That is why we wanted to hear directly from you about the conditions in your school and the supports you need to do your jobs well. The TELL HCPS survey was administered January 28-March 8, 2013.  School-based licensed educators were able to complete the survey anytime during the five-week window, 24 hours a day, from any Internet location using the anonymous access code provided. A total of 10,408 educators responded to the survey (66%). All schools that met the response threshold can access their data using their passcode here.