This resource library has been developed by the New Teacher Center (NTC) with funding from the Ohio Department of Education via Race to the Top support. The TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning) Ohio Initiative provides educators in the state’s Race to the Top schools with data, tools and direct support to facilitate school improvement planning and address issues around teaching and learning conditions. In addition to conducting the TELL survey in Ohio, NTC is providing supporting tools, webinars, and resources for the participating schools.

The 2011 North Carolina teaching conditions standards and continuum provide the structure for the resource library.  In North Carolina, the presence of the teaching condition standards across North Carolina schools has been assessed biennially since 2002.  The North Carolina work provides the foundation of the TELL survey, conducted by NTC across the nation in states and districts interested in documenting and analyzing how teachers and principals view the teaching and learning conditions in their schools.

To support the interest in and usage of TELL data, NTC has developed and compiled resources for educators to use in their school improvement efforts. The eight constructs of the TELL survey – Time, Facilities and Resources, Community Support and Involvement, Managing Student Conduct, Teacher Leadership, School Leadership, Professional Development, and Instructional Practices and Support – are joined by New Teacher Support and Using TELL Data to form ten constructs for this website. Within each construct, the standards from the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Standard are linked to resources that will support school improvement discussions in schools.  In addition, each resource is tagged with the standard(s) it addresses, the construct(s) it represents, and the type of resource it is. Resource types include case studies, how-to articles, NTC resources, and research articles. Links to the standards and continua from both North Carolina and Kentucky are included on each of the construct pages.

Additional features of this site are available for all registered users, including article ratings and comments, bookmarking articles, as well as hosted and asynchronous discussions to be held in the discussion forum. NTC’s purpose for providing these features is to allow educators to share thoughts and strategies for improving teaching and learning conditions in all schools.