A New Vision of Teaching Conditions for Teachers

For virtually any business or organization, the conditions in which employees work drive their satisfaction and productivity. Schools are not any different. Research from across the nation continues to show that a school’s teaching and learning conditions have a powerful influence on student achievement and teacher retention. By documenting and analyzing how teachers and principals view the teaching and learning conditions in their schools, school leaders, teachers and policymakers can make data-driven decisions on policies and practices that will enhance teaching and learning conditions, support teacher retention and improve student achievement.

In 1999, the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Commission, with the support of the North Carolina State Board of Education, developed teaching and learning conditions standards for schools (called Working Conditions Standards in North Carolina) in an effort to address issues driving teacher turnover. More than a decade has passed since the creation of those standards.  To further align the Working Conditions Standards with other components of the school improvement planning process and educator evaluation system, a panel of educators and school leaders worked together to develop a continuum of practice for each standard.  The continuum for the Working Conditions Standards can provide educators with a clearer understanding of what policies and practices should be in place in every school to maximize teacher effectiveness. The North Carolina standards are the basis of this website.

Click here to download the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Standards and Continuum.

In 2011, TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning) Kentucky administered its first survey of all certified educators.  During 2012, the survey coalition worked develop a statewide set of teaching conditions standards to provide educators with a clearer understanding of what conditions should be in place in every school to maximize teacher effectiveness. The standards are aligned with constructs of the TELL survey, and are accompanied by a continuum of practice developed for each standard.

Click here to download the Kentucky Teaching Conditions Standards and Continuum.